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The #1 seminar in Europe to learn how to trade currencies.

Simple strategies and live trading to be operative from day 1 even
if you never did it before.

“AB Forex™” is the seminar that teaches you the strategies to trade and earn on the biggest and most liquid market in the world and apply it from day one from your PC.

About the Seminar

Forex is another name for the currency exchange market (FOreign EXchange), meaning the marketplace where you can trade, for instance, EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/GBP. Its main advantages are its dimension, its extreme volatility and the fact that it is open 24h from Sunday to Friday, which allows to apply the leverage both on market raise or loss.

     |  In just 2 days of seminar you will have set your trading platform, installed the indicators and learnt what you need to trade on Forex.

You will learn how to use the best online exchange platforms (in demo mode as well as in real) and the best strategies tested by the professional traders who will follow you step by step.

You will discover which mistakes you must avoid and how to work on yourself in order to take your company to the next level.

Whom is this course meant for?

This seminar is devised for newbies who never traded before but want to start building their automatic income flows in a prepared and educated way through Forex.

At the same time, the course is also a good chance for anybody who’s already investing in financial instruments but is always looking forward for high-potential strategies.

Benefit of trading in Forex


The currency exchange market is among the few that let you benefit of a leverage effect.

What is financial leverage? It is a sort of loan that you can receive to invest more than what you would normally afford. Let’s make an example: with only 1.000 € I can buy up to 400.000€ using the leverage, and benefit of it is straightforward: a market shift of just 1% on 400.000€ means I am earning 4.000€. Wait: how much had we invested? Only 1.000 €, which makes the total return of this operation 400%.

Does it sound incredible? Infacts 1% shifts are very common due to the market liquidity.

Attention: the same principle apply the other way around. For this reason it is very important to invest time in one’s own personal education and develop the right skills to reduce risk and maximize one’s performance.

  • 24/7

The currency exchange market opens on Sundays at 00:00 and closes on Fridays at 22:00. This allows traders to always find the the opportunities and trading habits that best fit their personal needs.


This proprietary strategy follows media trends and only requires 5 minutes a day between midnight and 9 in the morning.


A widely known strategy based on technical analysis that also requires but 5 minutes of trading per day.


This proprietary strategy is based on price variations connected to macroeconomic news and take but 10 minutes per month.

Course content

  • Elements of macroeconomics
  • Interest rates, inflation and deflation
  • What Forex is and how it works
  • Trading platforms
  • Technical and graphical analyses
  • Pip calculation and conversion instruments
  • MediaTrend strategy
  • Breakout MediaTrend strategy
  • Post News MediaTrend strategy
  • Setting the right indicators on your platform
  • Exchange risk hedging strategy
  • Money management

Simple, clear, effective

We won’t waste a minute teaching anything that is immediately actionable.

You will learn how to read graphs, the Forex lingo, how to place your first orders, how to control risk, foresee market movements and everything you need to start trading safely right after the course.

The best traders available for you

The seminar “AB Forex” is easy to follow and is structured to provide you the best possible assistance throughout the course.

Every participant can bring he/her own laptop to set the indicators and the strategies discussed during the class.


  • 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the course

    If you are not satisfied after the 1st day, we will refund you the entire price paid for the       course.


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This is why we do not promise you any result, we promise instead our full commitment towards that result. This is the why we’ve picked our brand distinctive orange: it is the colour of ethical finance, optimism and trust, the values which thousands of our clients have chosen, and keep choosing every day in us. This is also why we’ll always offer you a money back guarantee on our trainings: because we want satisfied clients who take informed decisions. Such is our call and what we love doing.

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