Investing in Real Estate

You strike a good deal when you buy, not when you sell.

“Investing in Real Estate” is the first and only course in Europe to learn the right approach and start investing in the real estate market.

Thanks to the best strategies developed by Alfio Bardolla Training Group you will learn how to buy any property with  a discount of at least 30% in order to resell it within few months and cash your profit straight away.

Newbies and anybody how has no idea about how to invest in real estate tend to buy at market price and then hope, fingers crossed, for prices to rise.

However it is impossible to create any successful business without a strategy, a clear goal and a vision.
Professional investors, on the contrary, always stick to rule number 1:

     |  You strike the deal when you buy, not when you sell.

This means that you have to spot where your profit hides before purchasing a property, and this should be the starting point of every training on real estate investing.

On the contrary, nobodies starts with such an approach, and even the coaches you can find out there usually just throw themselves (and their students) into the fray.

This is where “Investing in Real Estates” start from: the only course that teaches you how to buy real estates at least at 30% less than their market price.

Taking part into this seminar you will learn:

  • How to use preliminary sales agreements to close operations without money, which means without needing an initial capital (or investing few thousand euros)
  • How to spot real opportunities at Real Estate Auctions and the procedure you need to follow to win the property you want
  • How to set a foreclosure operation, buying with discounts that can reach 50%

The course Investing in Real Estate will also delve into the legal aspects of real estate negotiation and sales, giving information that is normally available to specialised lawyers only.
This has already a huge value by itself.

     |  Furthermore, this information will help you reducing your investment risk so that you can manage your operations efficiently (which 97% of Europeans ignore, with very notable results).

The method, the strategis and the techniques that you will learn are not simple theory passed-over from one book to another: they are the result of our founder’s experience: they are the fruit of Alfio’s successes and mistakes and therefore they are the most valuable kind of lesson. Right the opposite of a theoretical course.  

Every topic will allow you to obtain, in any occasion, the best access conditions to credit and the best strategies to negotiate effectively with agencies and lawyers.

You will learn all that is necessary to invest in real estate safely and with quick financial return: from property evaluation to the perfectio of the contract,.

Details of the course:

  • Risks and benefits of investing in real estate
  • The 4 advantages of real estate investments
  • Legends and myths about real estate contracts
  • The right way to buy
  • The real estate investor’s rule number 1
  • How to find the property to buy
  • How to submit an offer the right way
  • How to buy and sell real estate without money
  • How to buy real estates to rent them
  • Buying at judicial auctions
  • How to profitably transfer preliminary sale agreements
  • Elements of foreclosure
  • How to write an effective advertisement
  • Legal and fiscal aspects
  • How to minimize taxes, the legal way

RENT TO RENT: learn about this new approach, still unknown even to many professional investor, that will make you generate profits without the need to own the property you rent.

     |  There is no specific requirement to attend the course, as it fits even the newbie.

The course “Investing in Real Estate” is recommended for all those who have no experience in the real estate market.

It is never a matter of knowledge, rather, it is about applying a method, a proven strategy that we successfully experimented before at Alfio Bardolla Training Group.

The only prerequisite for success is your commitment.

Why is real estate the preferred investment for 80% of reach people?

After attending the our course “Investing in Real Estate” you will start thinking like a professional investor, and will start spotting opportunities even during your Sunday strolls.

Ma soprattutto, riuscirai a trasformare ogni compravendita immobiliare in un’operazione con performance anche del 300%.

     |  This the reason why real estates are the preferred kind of investment by 80% of rich people: it is not rocket science, just a method, a strategy that you can use to purchase properties with a discount of at least 30% on their market price.

The real estate crisis? That’s the best wave to surf.

Do you think we should worry bout the “current market conditions”? We understand, their saying no-matter what out there.

Truth is however that this is the best moment to make good deals in real estates: you can find wonderful opportunities at bargain price in almost every city. Remember: “you strike the deal when you buy, not when you sell”.

This also means that if you had to resell the property, even at a price lower than the market average, thanks to our method you will still be extremely more profitable than any other investor.

For this reason, investing in real estate is one of the main pillars to create and maintain your financial freedom.


  • 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the course

    If you are not satisfied after the 1st day, we will refund you the entire price paid for the       course.


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We do not advocate programs to become rich quickly. We believe only in commitment, value creation and in the importance of helping others. Therefore we do not guarantee wealth to anybody (we cannot and we do not want to): what we can do instead is helping you to create the conditions for the improvement of your life and your dears’. If we will succeed, wealth will be but one of fruitful outcomes. None of the content published by us is guarantee of positive investment results or future earnings and we do not offer legal, fiscal or investment advice. You can find more information about it in our legal notices.

This is why we do not promise you any result, we promise instead our full commitment towards that result. This is the why we’ve picked our brand distinctive orange: it is the colour of ethical finance, optimism and trust, the values which thousands of our clients have chosen, and keep choosing every day in us. This is also why we’ll always offer you a money back guarantee on our trainings: because we want satisfied clients who take informed decisions. Such is our call and what we love doing.

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