17 - 18 -19 September 2021

Wake Up Call Livestream

The Greatest International Trainers Come Together For Your Financial Future


The Greatest International Trainers Come Together For Your Financial Future

Alfio Bardolla

#1 Financial Coach in Europe

His mission is to help as many people as possible to live their life to the fullest, through informed management of personal finances.

Robert Allen

#1 NYT Bestselling Author

Regarded as the father of personal finance training, he is a financial freedom trainer and one of the most influential real estate investment advisors ever.

Robert Kiyosaki

#1 Rich Dad Poor Dad

A motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author of personal growth books, his mission is to share financial education.

Vishen Lakhiani

#1 Extraordinary Mind

The CEO of Mindvalley, an author, and motivational speaker, whose talks on personal development and profitability are world-famous.

Giacomo Bruno

#1 Father of eBooks

The CEO of Bruno Editore, who introduced e-books to Italy in 2002, nine years before traditional publishers. He has authored 27 Amazon Bestsellers

Over 43.000 people have attended Alfio Bardolla's courses

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*The survey was conducted among a sample of 2,000 people who attended the most recent event

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Alfio Bardolla, the coach who has already transformed the life
of more than 43,000 people in Europe.

You dream of a blissful life, filled with passion, fun and emotion, but you have no clue how to make that a reality. Not anymore.
We will walk you through and dissect all of your life’s financial decisions for you to finally transform
it into what you really want it to be.
Wake Up Call is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get back the reins of your life.

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How Does a LiveStream Course Work?

How does
a LiveStream Course Work?


Access to live virtual classes with Alfio Bardolla and a number of Speakers


Access to a private virtual room where you will get to work in small groups along with your Buddy


The course handbook
for you to go
over key topics


The Wake Up Call kit
with all the exercises

Don't miss out on this opportunity.
Live the life you really dream of living.

What made us go the Live Stream route?

As a result of the latest executive order, our in-person courses have been postponed until further notice.
This led us to a crossroads with two possible routes

What do you think we did?

You can’t just wait for everything to get back to normal to step things up. If you don’t act now, chances are you won’t in the future either. That is why we are putting together the biggest LIVESTREAM course to be streamed live.

An innovative, tailor-made format, with your Trainers standing on a live-streamed virtual stage, as well as with Buddies walking you through privately in Zoom rooms, to whom you can pose all of your questions, and with whom you will get to exercise and get hands-on practice.

This will be a never-seen-before Event

We will spend 3 days together that may very well change your life forever.

A LiveStream event is the perfect solution for you to not put training on the back burner at a time when live events are all but impossible. The form may change, but the substance stays the same. And this is precisely our own coping mechanism approach to dealing with an issue we found ourselves facing.

We will all be logging in together and live streaming, each one from the comfort of their own home, all the while feeling like being in the front row. High-profile national and international guests will take the floor, laying out the ideal system for you to financially transform your life.

We will then step off the main stage and into private Zoom rooms, which are crucial for us to get to know each other better and set up networks with a group of like-minded people. You won’t be left fending for yourself, as a buddy will still be guiding you through the exercises that will be done collaboratively. If:

This is just the solution for you. The Wake Up Call is the event designed for just this purpose, which will allow you to get the life you really want.

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Your goal and your plan

Only if you know where you’re going, will you be able to get to your destination.

During Wake Up Call, we will work on identifying your goals and your plan for achieving them. Through practical exercises, introspective discussion, market and global economic situation analysis, you will get to enjoy a unique and highly formative experience that will shed light on the way you approach money.

And on how your goals should take center stage in all your activities.


How long could you get by with no work?

Many people believe that Financial Freedom means having lots of money. Far from it. Financial Freedom means being able to maintain your lifestyle unchanged, with no need to work for a living, because it gets funded by automated passive income.

The Financial Freedom table shows you the four paths to Financial Freedom: Business, Trading, Real Estate, and Internet Royalty. Wake Up Call will teach you how to craft them.

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You must learn how to
Create, Manage and Protect Your Money

Wealth is a subject like any other: something you bone up on and get the hang of. You learn how to change the way you think, you master the techniques for creating money, managing it, and protecting it.

But most people have no one to turn to who can teach them about money and wealth. Neither their parents (unless they are well-to-do), nor school nor school or State bodies.

And that is why it’s very easy to make mistakes.

What you will learn

There are people who strike us as being in on secrets that most of us are not privy to.
They lead wonderful lives, go on lavish vacations, have plenty of time to dedicate to their loved ones.

Over three jam-packed days, you will get to learn these secrets.
We will get the ball rolling with your psychology, and we’ll be looking together at the opportunities that today’s world has to offer.

We are going to create your Financial Freedom by investing in real estate, trading, business, and royalties.


Where are you now?

To reach your destination, you need to be aware of both your emotional and financial starting point. We will go over your current situation together with you.

Real estate investing

How do you get things off the ground?

Rule #1 to make money in real estate is, “Money is made on the purchase, not on the sale.” You will learn how to snap up properties at a discount of at least 30% off the list price.


Building a reputation

You are going to learn how to revamp your business by leveraging a book, how to rev up your reputation, how to make it to Number 1 in your niche while increasing your revenue.



You will get to learn about why it’s one of the most traded tools in the world, what opportunities it offers, which techniques work best, and how to use leverage.

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What our course-takers are saying

This is my second time attending it, and I have to say, it's an experience that I'd recommend to anyone who has resolved to turn over a new leaf in their life.

Maurizio Mandaglio

I got to meet a qualified person here, one who is able to convey important concepts in a simple manner while bringing practical examples, and that made me realize that my Financial Freedom dream is within reach for me.

Davide Mitscheuning

Thanks to Alfio, I got my lost self-confidence back, my joie de vivre, and the drive to make my dreams and those of my daughter come true. I was looking for freedom and I found it. I embarked on my real estate journey, and one year in, I started my own business and got three deals off the ground, one of which has already successfully closed. When it comes to money these days, I'm no longer afraid.

Cristina Francini

I've been a farmer all my life, and I'm an agricultural entrepreneur. I attended Wake Up Call because I had realized that, having just turned 47, I needed to give my finances a much-needed overhaul. I absolutely love my job, but I do miss my free time. This course was enlightening. I see myself just the same five years from now, albeit with a lot more freedom.

Giorgio Pasti

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Who is Alfio Bardolla

The #1 Financial Coach in Europe, an entrepreneur, and bestselling author

His mission is to help as many people as possible to live their life to the fullest, through informed management of personal finances.

He is the author of six published books, including “Money Makes You Happy.” To date, over 300,000 copies of his works have been sold.

He heads the largest listed European financial education company (ticker symbol: Abtg), a leading company in Europe with operations in Italy, Great Britain, and Spain.


Gli ospiti delle scorse edizioni
dal vivo con più di 3.200 partecipanti

Oscar Farinetti

Luca Telese

Oscar Giannino

Francesco Facchinetti

John Peter Sloan

Paolo Ruffini

Oscar Farinetti

Luca Telese

Oscar Giannino

Francesco Facchinetti

John Peter Sloan​

Paolo Ruffini


Wake Up Call
LiveStream 2021

The biggest Personal Finance event in Europe

297 €
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Why enroll now?


Only 7 days left

Enrollment will only be open for a few days,
and there will be no other available date to attend.


International Guests

You won’t get a second crack at an event of such caliber. This is your only chance to listen to the most important speakers of our time.

Q&A Section

Is it really possible to change your financial situation by attending Alfio Bardolla's courses?

Alfio Bardolla is the founder of the first personal finance education school in Italy. The courses’ programs were exclusively developed around techniques that are tried and tested, and personally implemented by the guest coaches and by Alfio Bardolla. Practical and operational training is our signature trait.

Will I be able to pick up skills that make me operational right off the bat by attending Wake Up Call?

Wake Up Call is a jam-packed three-day course that breaks down for you, in practical terms, the techniques for creating your own Financial Freedom. The course program includes a segment on money psychology, and another one on the techniques that work best and can be replicated both in Italy and abroad to set up automated passive income streams. The goal of this course is not to make you immediately operational, but rather to allow you to go back home with clear knowledge on what you need to do to create your Financial Freedom.

I have no clear mind about what to do to transform my life. Is it OK for me to attend the event?

right mindset, while also laying out all the techniques you can use to generate automated passive income streams. It will then be up to you to brainstorm what you would possibly like to delve deeper into, based on your interests. The event is specifically designed for anyone who wants to get closer to this world and start making sense, not only of what the best way is to manage their finances, but also of how to make extra money.

I have no background knowledge on real estate, trading or business. Is this the right event for me?

By all means. During this event, we will not be discussing these topics at length, nor there will be any highly technical cross-references to the real estate industry, to forex or other stuff, but we will mainly be zeroing in on money psychology-related topics, and you will be taught the right mindset you should have to be able to transform your life. We are definitely going to be touching on the topics mentioned above, because they are part of the familiar techniques for creating automated passive income streams, but you will then be free to choose whether to explore those topics further, depending on your passions and interests.

Wake Up Call

"In life, you have to go All-in"

- Robert Allen -

September 12 - 13 - 14, 2021

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